Painted Rock Farm is located in north-central West Virginia -- historic Barbour County! We are a working farm dedicated to the preservation of the Jacob sheep. Our thirty acre farm is home to more than 60 Jacobs, along with 3 horses, turkeys, French Angora rabbits and a flock of 45 laying hens.

We offer registered breeding stock for the established shepherd and to those new to Jacobs. Painted Rock Farm specializes in creating "starter flocks" with unrelated sheep to maximize the diversity within your flock. We occassionally have pet wethers available (they make really cool looking lawn mowers) as well as locker lamb each fall -- contact us to reserve this deliciously lean meat for your freezer! Our farm prides itself on quality breeding stock with excellent fleeces, sound horn structure and quiet temperaments.

Jacob sheep are the heart of our farm! We offer various farm products including pelts, raw fleece, yarns, roving and our unique, horn topped canes. Please feel free to browse our website -- view the flock, see the lambs and learn more about this wonderful breed of sheep!
Painted Rock Farm
Asher ~ a striking 4 horn ram
2/21/98 - 4/26/08
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Mike & Cheryl Terrano
Buckhannon, WV